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Heavy Duty Height Safety with a Small Foot Print & Larger Working Area

The BTS Restricted Space Cube (RSC) & Horizontal Rail combination provides 2 persons working at heights an overhead anchor point that is modular and can be moved easily around a site either via a forklift or hand pallet jack. The Cube & Horizontal Rail combination is an ideal solution for sites where an overhead structure or existing anchor point may not be suitable. Available with an adjustable height of up to 7.3m and a working area of 14m x 5.7m (When adjusted to 7.3m high and workers are 2m off the ground). 

Diverse range of applications

The Cube & Horizontal Rail combination is a suitable fall protection device for a diverse range of applications including, maintenance on a large variety of vehicles, aircraft, earth moving plant equipment, rolling stock, highway and off highway trucks, shipping containers, portable buildings and any other plant equipment that require access and involve working at heights. This combination can also be adapted as part of a truck loading and unloading process in warehouse and distribution facilities.

The BTS Restricted Space Cube (RSC) & Horizontal Rail combination is designed with a minimal footprint allowing it to be positioned close to the equipment being accessed all while providing maximum fall protection for the worker.

BTS Restricted Space Cube (RSC 7m) & 10m Rail Combination


Restricted Space Cube Features

Horizontal Rail Features

Specifications Restricted Space Cube

Ultimate Strength Rating:12 kN (18 kN with Rail)
Capacity Cube Only (Fall Arrest):
2 x Cubes With Rail:
Max. 1 worker weighing not more than 136kg.
Max. 2 workers weighing not more than 136kg
Allowable MAF Rating for SRL’s:4 kN
Height:4.5 m Min. 7.2 m Max.
Reach:3.0 m
Foot Print:1.1 x 1.1 m
Weight:3.6 T
Anchorage type:Limited Free Fall

Specifications Horizontal Rail System

System Capacity:Two workers weighing a maximum 272kg including all clothing, tools, and equipment.
Arrest Force Rating for SRL:4kN Max
Weight (10m assembled rail only):95.5kg
Weight (trolley):1.48 kg each
Rail Construction:Extruded 6061-T6 Aluminium
Uprights/Connectors:Galvanized / Zinc-Plated Steel
Trolley Wheels:Acetal with Sealed Ball Bearings
Hardware (minimum):Grade 5 Zinc-Plated
Finish (aluminium):Gold Anodized & Natural Finish
Plating Specification:CS-500 Zinc Plated (Type II Zinc, SC-2, ASTM B633-85)
Standard Length::9.756 metres Code: BTS0019B


Cube & Rail Safe working Zone


Any worker using this equipment must receive appropriate training from their employer on all equipment involved prior to operating. All users must read and fully understand the product manual and any other instruction manual(s) relating to the system being used, or have the instructions fully explained to them before using this equipment.
In addition to training specific to this equipment, all users must be properly trained in the use of any accessories used with the system, as well as fall protection, confined space safety and any other applicable training related to the work being performed, in compliance with local regulations.
Document training records should be kept for all users of this equipment.

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